Essentials Of Mobile Site Optimization

Surfing the Internet using a mobile phone had never been fulfilling until smart phones were introduced to the market. These computing devices make it possible for people to do practically any online activity anywhere they are and anytime they want to as long as their data plan includes mobile Internet. No wonder web administrators are also getting interested in offering a version of their desktop sites for smart phone users.

Creating a mobile site and making it searchable, however, is not an easy thing to do. Mobile sites use a different format and they are not particularly designed not to be search-friendly. In addition, mobile sites need a different kind of expertise and management method as well. Plus, there’s a need for web administrators to consider Google’s rules on indexing mobile sites and pages. Google is the largest search engine company to date so it is something when a website get high rankings on its search results page.

But of course there are a few similar requirements that web administrators will encounter when creating web pages for mobile sites and desktop sites. One example is the need to create a sitemap and then submit it to Google to let this search engine company aware of its existence. A sitemap of a mobile site can be submitted using Google Webmaster Tools.

And if there are crawlers made for desktop sites, Google also created one for mobile sites through Googlebot-mobile. Googlebot-mobile should be allowed to search a particular mobile site or page so it can gather information, index it, and add it to Google’s search results.

However, Google may change its current User-agent without notice. Thus, it is recommended that administrators of mobile sites would check whether the User-agent header contains the string Googlebot-Mobile. This strategy is more effective than checking whether the User-agent exactly matches the current User-agent, which is the Googlebot-Mobile.

Ensuring that the format is compatible for mobile sites is also a major consideration when creating a mobile site. Only mobile pages that are in compatible format will be included in Google’s searchable index. Examples of compatible format for mobile sites are Compact HTML and XHTML Mobile.

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